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Men or Women: Who's Smarter?

Men or Women: Who's Smarter?
Posted April 5th, 2013 @ 8:20am

In the largest brain imaging study ever, Daniel Amen, MD studied the differences between men and women's brains.  After scanning the brains of 26,000 people, here's what they found...

*Women’s brains are much more active than men’s.

*On average, men have bigger brains- But It Doesn’t Make Them Smarter.

*Women Have Better Memories

*Men have a better Sense of Direction

*Women Live Longer, But On Average Men Are Happier

This doesn't answer the question of "Who's Smarter?" but proves that both sexes seem to have a different set of skills. 

To read the full article by Lisa Collier Cool, click here.  Post your comments below.

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