It's hard to imagine success for young people today without at least a high school diploma. Would you believe, however, that some of the most famous A-List celebrities didn't even finish high school? Check out these celebs that never got their diplomas:

  • Ryan Gosling: This hottie dropped out of high school in Canada to pursue a career in Hollywood after finding success on the Mickey Mouse Club and Goosebumps. Apparently it worked.
  • Cameron Diaz: The blonde bombshell never really took to school and wasn't the strongest student, so when she got a modeling contract she promptly left academics for a life in front of the camera.
  • Jim Carrey: The funny man didn't drop out because he wanted to. Jim had to quit school for a full time job to help support his family because his mother was sick.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Nope, no graduation for Harry from Hogwarts! Daniel started working on the famous films when he was 10 years old and it was so hectic to try to juggle school and his childhood celebrity that at 17 he decided he was done. Also he was getting bullied by his peers, which made the decision even easier.
  • Gisele: She started modeling at 16 and promptly moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams ... and school just wasn't part of the plan!
  • Seth Rogan: After getting a role on Freaks and Geeks when he was just a teen, Seth dropped out of school and moved to L.A. He ended up supporting his whole family with his success and wealth.
  • Johnny Depp: Johnny dropped out at 15 to become a rock star, but he got discovered for acting instead.
  • Robert DeNiro: Mr. DeNiro was performing as a stage actor from the time he was a little kid. When he hit his teen years he knew he wanted a career as an actor so he dropped out of school to pursue his dreams. (Crushable)