I love looking at some of the stories on Buzzfeed because they are usually hilarious! Today I found "13 Embarassing Student Confessions That Will Make You Cringe."  Here are just a few of them (The 5th one has to be my personal favorite) 

1. "My teacher just said 'Tell me more' and then I started singing 'Summer Nights' from Grease in the middle of class"

2. "I pooped my pants in class just to prove a point to my teacher after she told me I could wait."

3. "When I text in class Suri always has to ask me, 'how can I help you?'"

4. "I was hungover in my college history class and at the end of class I hugged my professor and whispered, 'Dumbledore I thought you were dead.'"

5. "Today in math class I had the urge to fart.  I thought that if I dropped my book and farted at the same time, no one would hear it.  I dropped my textbook and everyone looked at me.  Then I farted.  Loudly."

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