So I went on this crazy tour of the West Virginia penitentiary almost twelve years ago now and I still remember it. It used to be used for prisoners back in the day, but now it's known as a haunted attraction open to the public. 

When I visited it, they put everyone in a cell and closed the doors so you could experience being an inmate. The staff only left visitors in there for a minute, except for one lucky winner who had to stay in their cell for about ten minutes or until the staff was ready to release them. They also had an electric chair that they called "Old Sparky." To say the least, it was a pretty weird tour. 

Huffington Post shares five of the weirdest tours that people can go on. The number one is a "stoner's tour." Not exactly the same as the tour I went on but still weird.

Check out the details, and other four weird tours here. I'd definitely stick touring the West Virgina State penitentiary on the list. 


Huffington Post