In 2006, Brad Paisley had EIGHT No. 1 singles! This gave Paisley the record for having the most No. 1 singles, but that number continued to sky rocket between then and 2009. In 2009, Paisley's streak came to an end with TEN No. 1 singles! That's amazing! But now Blake Shelton has beaten that record with his newest album. 


Shelton has four singles off of his newest album, "Based On a True Story...," giving him SIXTEEN total No. 1 singles!!! Only eleven of those were in a streak, but that still gives him the title of holding the longest streak of No. 1 singles. 


Shelton is up for five ACM Awards this Sunday, April 6th, and is even hosting this year. Paisley is not up for any awards this year, but I'm sure he'll be there. 


Congrats Blake Shelton, you've had a hell of a year!

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