Happy Valentine's day friends! This year I got Kate this amazing unique flower arrangement, well really...it's more of a plant, more specifically a cactus. Cactus, flower arrangement, same thing right?

Anyway, I gave her it this morning and she absolutely loved it. I'm telling you guys, cactus is the way to your lover's heart. Stick some colorful hearts on it, and they'll be saying they had the best Valentine's day EVER. 

Just kidding guys, I didn't really get Kate a cactus but I can only imagine her face if I did. She would probably hit me with it, and then laugh about it. After I got all the thorns stuck in me, then it would probably be the most memorable Valentine's day.  

If you guys need help deciding on a last minute gift check out some of these ideas. I don't know how well your Valentine's day will turn out but it's worth a shot. If you do try out the cactus idea, hopefully your Valentine won't hit you with it. 

And if those ideas don't work out for you and you're out of a gift because you waited too long, maybe your valentine will appreciate a few pick up lines.