Eric Church had a surprise visitor to the studio while he was recording his new album,The Outsiders.

We caught up with Eric and famed producer Jay Joyce at a listening party on Wednesday in Eric’s studio, in an old church in East Nashville. Apparently, Jay has  a habit of leaving the door open, and while they were working on the disc, a homeless man walked in, claimed he was Jesus and said, “I’ll be here on Sunday!” They got it on tape, and it’ll be on the album.

Eric isn’t done fooling around with Taylor Swift, either. After pulling down that trailer for The Outsiders that seemed to be beefing with T -- but really wasn’t -- he’s put up a new clip. In it, he writes, “Mysteries may seem strange. But that’s what makes them fun. Eric adores Taylor for who she is and what she has done… Focus on the background and shed light on the clues. On January 3rd, all will be revealed to you.”

The Outsiders is due out on February 11th.