Wedding Trends for 2018!

Trends come and go, in fashion and for weddings, too. Here’s what you can expect to see more of when your nearest and dearest tie the knot in 2018.

  • Statement Earrings - Bold ear bling is still in style and more brides are wearing simpler gowns with glamazon power earrings.
  • Tiny tats - Forget gold bands, more couples are making their forever commitment with dainty, matching tattoos.
  • Microweddings - It’s not a city hall quickie or a lavish wedding fit for a princess, but a microwedding is somewhere in between. This trend is a great way for brides to have a festive affair with their besties and parents while saving tons on the wedding budget.
  • Dogwood blooms - Designers say these will be gracing more nuptials in 2018.
  • Couture-inspired cakes - Think flowing fondant and cakes that look like fabric but taste way better.
  • Puff sleeves - If the fall 2018 runways are any indication, we’ll see more brides wearing ethereal “puff” statement sleeves on their gowns.
  • Hybrid monikers - More couples are opting for last name mashups instead of one partner assuming the other’s last name. So when your friends Smith and Jones get married, they could become the Smones family.

Source: PureWow