GOOD NEWS: Dog Found Safe After 10 Days Lost In The Snow

While out for a walk during a heavy snowfall with their pet dog Red, Caitlin Thompson and her father Richard realized the dog had vanished. They were on the Preseli Mountains in the UK, an area which the family says 13-year-old Red knows well, she wandered away from them and was nowhere to be found.

The Thompsons searched everywhere and lots of other people in the community joined in to look for Red after Caitlin posted on Facebook about her disappearance. Someone even made lost dog posters with the Welsh Border Collie’s photo, so it was easy to reunite her with her owners when someone did find Red - 10 days later!

The old girl was down a few pounds after her long adventure alone and Caitlin says the dog has hearing issues, so she probably couldn’t hear anyone calling her. Thankfully, the vet says she’s fine after her 10 days in the snowy wilderness and has been “feasting like a king,” Caitlin says. “We are so happy.”

Source: BBC

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