GOOD NEWS: Girl With Use Of One Arm Wants To Be World’s Best Archer

She’s one of the best student archers in the world and she’s mastered how to fire arrows by the skin of her teeth - literally! Faith Oakley was born with a birth injury that resulted in her not being able to use her right arm, but that hasn’t stopped the 16-year-old from Kentucky from pursuing her love of archery, she just has a unique way of doing it.

Faith uses her teeth to pull back the string on her bow and she holds a small nylon tab in her mouth, aims, and then lets it go. She finished ninth at the National Archery in the Schools Program World Tournament last year and she’s preparing to compete in the World Championships this summer, where she hopes to place in the top five.

"I have always believed I can work hard enough to become the best in the world," Faith says. "I hope that watching me inspires people to feel comfortable to push their boundaries and do things they didn't think they could do. I am just like everyone else and I am proving you can do anything with determination."

Source: WBIR

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