GOOD NEWS: ICYMI:Soldier Takes 10 Flights To See Daughter's Birth

No one wants to miss the birth of their own child, and for one soldier, that meant a lot of flights to be there for his baby’s arrival. Francois Clerfe, a combat engineer in the U.S. Army, was working at his post in Iraq on December 30 when his wife went into labor with their daughter, so he hopped a flight to be there for the big event.

But it actually took 10 flights to get him across thousands of miles to California. “Kuwait to Turkey, Turkey to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Baltimore, Baltimore to Atlanta," Clerfe says of his trip, which eventually ended in Monterey.

Baby Julia wasn’t due until January 9, but she was born at 9:53 on New Year’s Day, with Dad there to watch. Now he gets to spend a month with his newborn daughter and his wife before reporting back to duty in Iraq.

Source: Newser

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