GOOD NEWS: Homeless Vet Gets Back Savings Bonds He Pawned Years Ago

A homeless Army veteran just got back some savings bonds that he’d pawned 36 years ago, thanks to the efforts of Chris Mathis, owner of a pawn shop in Junction City, Kansas. He was going through his grandfather’s desk a few years back when he found a stack of old U.S. savings bonds and he made it his mission to return them to their owners.

Mathis easily found some of the owners in a quick Internet search, but others proved tougher to track down. He had to hire a private investigator to find a man identified only as Woodrow, and locating him wasn’t easy.

Woodrow was finally found living in homelessness in Chicago and he was thrilled to get the savings bonds, which are now worth over $3,000. He had pawned them back in 1981 for some cash and now he could really use that money. “I thought this was some kind of scam,” Woodrow says. “Why would this guy want to help me? This is huge for me. I’m extremely grateful.”

Source: Inside Edition

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