GOOD NEWS: Cop Saves Choking Tot On His First Day

While having lunch at a Chick-fil-A in Merrillville, Indiana on his first day on the job, Hobart Police Officer Richard Mayer helped save the life of a choking toddler. Melanie Hasse and her daughter, Charlotte, were eating a few tables away from the officers when the little girl started choking on a piece of apple.

The panicked mom tried to get the food out of her daughter’s mouth, but she may have inadvertently pushed it in farther in her throat. So she grabbed the toddler and begged the officers for assistance. Officer Mayer and Officer Ramos flipped Charlotte over and slapped her on the back several times, dislodging the food.

So Mayer’s first action on the job was saving a little girl’s life. Not a bad first day! Hasse says she’s incredibly grateful he was there to help. “This is what he was meant to do,” she says of her daughter’s hero. “To save lives in some kind of way.”

Source: Inquisitr

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