GOOD NEWS: State Trooper Babysits For Starbucks Barista

When full-time mom and part-time barista Shantaphae Blakes couldn’t find someone to watch her daughter while she went to work at Starbucks, she brought her along with her manager’s permission. The mom set little Dilynn’s baby carrier on the table with her inside and shift supervisor Harper Spell helped watch the girl while they opened the Winston-Salem, North Carolina coffee shop.

Little Dilynn was being good and allowing mama to work, but the women were afraid she might get fussy before the end of the morning rush. But they had nothing to worry about because around that time, regular customer and North Carolina State Trooper Brad Marshall came in for his morning coffee and offered to help watch the tot while they worked.

“Trooper Brad” stayed for over an hour and Blakes is one grateful mom. “It just blew me away. It was wonderful,” she says of the act of kindness. “It takes a village to raise a child. I’m honestly blessed to have the Starbucks family.”

Source: Today

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