GOOD NEWS: Cops Go Above And Beyond After Saving Girl’s Life

When a violent asthma attack caused five-year-old Janessa Sims heart to stop, police and fire crews saved her life. Clifton, New Jersey’s finest responded to a call and helped bring the little girl back from the brink, but it’s what they did after that frightening night that really deserves some recognition.

Sergeant Joshin Smith was first on the scene, quickly followed by more officers, and then firefighter Brian Reilly. Janessa was taken to the hospital and after being placed in a coma for a month while tests were run, and now she’s learned to walk and talk again. Thankfully, she’s back to normal today.

And the day after the incident, Reilly stopped by to check on Janessa and Smith has stopped by many times to check on her grandfather, who is disabled. Sgt. Smith even brought him dinner one night! And the family wants us to know that Clifton has some great cops and firefighters who go above and beyond the call of duty.

“It’s important to let people know there are people out there who care,” Janessa’s grandmother, Janet, explains. “There are good policemen and firemen in this world.”

Source: North

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