GOOD NEWS: USPS Helps Stop Woman From Being Scammed

Debbie Mathis knew something didn’t sound right when her mother told her, “I’ve been talking to this guy. I’ve won Publisher’s Clearinghouse for $100,000.” But when her mom said she sent $500 cash to an address in Mississippi to “make sure her prize would be paid out,” she felt it was a scam and took action to stop it.

Mathis reached out to the United States Postal Service for help. And because the scammer had Mathis’ mom send the money overnight, they had a tracking number and with that, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office and postal employees were able to intercept the mom’s money, something that doesn’t happen very often.

“We feel great when we’re able to stop the bad guy from receiving the funds,” explains USPS Inspector Jessica Adams. “A lot of times they do target the elderly.”

Source: WLOS

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