GOOD NEWS: WWII Vet Who Lived Modestly Donates $37M

A mechanical engineer from Sewickley, Pennsylvania who lived a simple life left $37-million to charity after his death, but most people had no idea Raymond Suckling was wealthy. The World War II veteran drove an inexpensive car, wore Velcro sneakers, and loved fast food, but his generous donation shows he chose to live that modest life.

Before Suckling passed away in 2014 at 93, he arranged for his millions to be left to the Sewickley Public Library, the town’s Heritage Valley Health System, and other nonprofits and programs that help low-income kids and families. His estate was finalized last month and now the gifts will be allocated and put to good use helping people in need, just like Raymond wanted.

Buddy Hallett, son of Raymond’s longtime companion Betty Hallettsays no one had any idea about Raymond’s fortune, but he did always want to pick up the check when they went out. “Raymond always wanted to pay for everything,” Hallett explains. “But no one knew he was a man of such means.” And that’s just the way he wanted it.

SourceSunny Skyz

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