GOOD NEWS: Man Donates Kidney To Wife Of 40 Years


After his wife of 40 years was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure last June, John Rexroad immediately volunteered to be an organ donor for her. Teri, 71, was eligible for a transplant, but doctors first had to determine 58-year-old John was in good enough health to be a donor.

After a multidisciplinary committee reviewed his medical records and met with him, they gave John the good news that he was a match for his wife. The couple went through successful surgeries last month and they’re both recovering well. Teri immediately felt better than she had for the previous six months she spent on dialysis and John says she “danced circles” around him in the hospital.

"It's almost a miracle," Teri said. "It's certainly a blessing that it worked out the way it did ... We were optimistic, but it was a journey. "We're very, very lucky people. And we don't forget that."

Source: Today

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