GOOD NEWS: Teens Help Elderly Couple Clean Up Yard

After living in the same house for 50 years, a couple in New York got their first citation from the city. The problem? Piles of trash littering Robert and Ann Dobson’s yard in Greece, New York. But the garbage wasn’t the couple’s, it blows over from a nearby shopping center and whenever they clean it up, more blows over.

So when members of the cross-country team from McQuaid Jesuit High School heard about the Dobson’s citation, they came over and cleaned up the trash themselves. And they didn’t stop there - the teens also installed a fence to keep more litter from blowing into the couple’s yard.

The students and their parents also worked with city officials to require the shopping center to install locks on their dumpsters. Now thanks to the community effort, the elderly couple doesn’t face the fine for the garbage and shouldn’t have to deal with it again.

SourceGood News Network

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