GOOD NEWS: Family Welcomes One-In-A-Million Identical Triplets

A family in Kansas City, Missouri just welcomed a set of identical triplets - something so rare, doctors sat the odds are one in a million. Caleb andNicole Choge are the proud parents of the three boys, who are doing well after being born six weeks early.

The couple was originally told they were having twins, but when they got a second opinion after moving from Kenya, they found out it was actually three buns in the oven instead of two. Now the babies, Ron, Elkanah, and Abishai, join their two-year-old big brother and mom and dad get used to life as a family of six.

“As a dad, I have to think about how to feed my people,” Choge says. And we’ve got to figure out where to put all their new car seats. “I always said I’d never get a van,” the proud papa says. “But I think this is a humbling experience.”

Source: KMBC

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