GOOD NEWS: Woman Found OK After Being Stranded In Snow For 10 Days

After being stranded in the snow for 10 long days, a California woman has been found and she’s okay. Sheryl Donovan of Marysville was driving to work when she took a wrong turn in the snowy mountains and with no cell service, she was stuck there for a week and a half.

The 54-year-old grandmother stayed in her SUV and survived by drinking the one water bottle she had over the 10 days and she ate some snow, too. Donovan used extra clothes she had to keep from freezing while search and rescue teams looked for her in other areas. Finally, on the tenth day, she walked a mile to find a road and a good samaritan helped her.

Nevada County Sheriff Lt. Robert Bringolf says it appears Donovan took a wrong turn and ended up in the desolate spot in Sierra County, far away from her home. Their search and teams were focusing on other routes and expecting the worst. "And we're really, really, really happy that it turned out a different way," he says.

Source: CBS News

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