Roseanne is BACK and Tulsa loves her!

I watched the reboot of Roseanne and I wasn't alone!  18.2 Million Americans tuned in and Tulsa was the #1 rated market!  No matter where your politics lie, what you're current financial situation is, most of us came from or love a family JUST like this.  I may not always agree with them...but I always love them.  It was nice to see people actually love people they don't always see eye-to-eye with.  I give it a thumbs up and hope it just keeps getting better. ~Karla 

  • Roseanne" returned to monster ratings
  • 18.2-million viewers watched the show
  • higher among total viewers than its 1997 finale - 21 years ago!

As we reported, “Roseanne” made its TV return this week on ABC. The revival produced massive ratings, with 18.2-million viewers tuning in for the re-boot. As a comparison, NBC's "Will & Grace's" reboot premiered to just over ten-million viewers. 

For the record, ABC says this was is the highest-rated comedy telecast on any network since the premiere episode of "The Big Bang Theory" from 2014. And get this: Roseanne’s return was actually higher among total viewers than its 1997 finale - 21 years ago!

For her part, Roseanne is giving the credit to the writers. "I would like to thank my writers-all Liberals," she offered via Twitter. "It has been fun to talk with you and jam! You are all wonderful!"

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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