GOOD NEWS: Teacher Gets $44K Donations After Posting Pics Of Broken Chair

Laurissa Kovacs is an art teacher at Puterbaugh Middle School in McAlester, Oklahoma who used Facebook to help raise awareness about the conditions in her classroom. She posted a pic of the badly damaged chair that her young students are forced to sit in and describes having to bring in folding chairs from home because there aren’t even enough seats for the students in her classes.

"At the end of the day I felt like I needed people to see just a glimpse of the issues we face every day," Kovacs explains. Her post has now been shared over 82,000 times and when it started getting attention and people were asking how to help, she set up an Amazon registry with supplies needed for classrooms.

And people were serious about wanting to help out. A week after her post, the art teacher had received over $44,000 worth of donated supplies for her school. "My plans are to share, share, share!" Kovacs says. "I'm not the only one in my district who needs things, so I'll be sharing it all."

Source: CNN

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