GOOD NEWS: Woman Gets Lost Class Ring Back After 47 Years

A construction project at a Michigan high school led to the discovery of a class ring that had been missing for 47 years. Someone was taking apart lockers at Comstock High School when the ring fell out and it was given it to administrative assistant Shirley Doorlag. She tracked down the owner of the 1971 class ring using the initials on it, A.O.

Doorlag figured out the ring belonged to a student named Angelita Olivares and was able to track her down and return the long-lost memento. Angelita says she is overjoyed to have her class ring back after thinking someone stole it from her locker 47 years ago.

"It took me a while to get used to that it was gone,” she explains. “That I had worked so hard and got this special ring for me. It meant a lot.” So getting it back after so long is even more special.

Source: UPI

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