Stranger helps Mom flying with kids:)

While flying alone with her four-month-old son and her three-year-old daughter, Jessica Rudeen was struggling to get them both calmed down and comfortable before taking off, but the kiddos weren’t cooperating. The mom got help from a nice man seated by them and she was so moved by his kindness and compassion, she shared the story on Facebook to give him credit for his good deed.

Jessica says Todd held the baby while she got her screaming toddler distracted with a movie, then he talked to the little girl so mama could feed the baby. During the flight, he colored with the tot and showed her things out the window and by the end of the flight they were BFFs.

But Todd’s kindness didn’t stop there. He had the same connecting flight, so he walked the family to the next gate, even holding the three-year-old’s hand as they maneuvered the airport. And once they got on the next flight, Todd asked to change seats so he could sit with them and keep helping. He said his wife had a similar experience while traveling with their two boys and someone showed her the same kindness, so he was paying it forward.

“We could have been placed next to anyone,” Jessica says, “but we were seated next to one of the nicest men I have ever met in my life.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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