GOOD NEWS: Stranger Saves Woman From SUV In Flood Waters

A woman stuck on the roof of her SUV in rising floodwaters in Montana was rescued by two good samaritans who just happened to drive by at the right time. A video taken by Matt McCollam shows his brother, Seth, swim into frigid water to save the driver, April Seubert.

It happened in northern Montana, which is dealing with flooding as snowfall melts away in warming temperatures, but it was still in the 20s out, and McCollam says his brother jumped in “without hesitation” to help this stranger yelling for help. By the time they got back to the brothers’ truck, her SUV was almost totally under water.

Seubert says she didn’t see three signs warning about flooding on the road and she was going about 60 when she hit a patch of water and spun off the roadway. And while she was cited for reckless driving, she says “Having him grab me was just a miracle.”

Source: Fox News

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