GOOD NEWS: Girl’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $1k For Family Of Slain Office

Little Caroline Freeman Piche from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, set up a lemonade stand at her house to raise money for the family of Dickson County Sheriff’s Sergeant Daniel Baker, who was recently killed in the line of duty. The six-year-old wore a white apron with rainbow letters as she quenched thirsts and raked in the money.

In less than five hours, she raised $1,125 for Baker’s widow and daughter. Word spread quickly about her lemonade stand and a lot of Caroline’s customers were officers in the area. Mt. Juliet Police Captain Tyler Chandler says he came out to show the young girl how much the “department appreciated her efforts.”

"Thank you, Caroline, for touching all of our hearts," Mt. Juliet Police said in a video about her efforts. "Your compassion is a strong reminder of the goodness in the world."

Source: CBS News

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