GOOD NEWS: Off-Duty Officer Rescues Woman Right Before Her Car Explodes

Correction Officer Donald Carson was on his way home from a double shift at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility in New Jersey when he saw a car crash with a fire burning under the hood. He says he watched other cars drive past so he made a U-turn and went to help the driver.

Carson says the 59-year-old woman driving was in shock after hitting the back of a tractor trailer. The airbags in her car went off and she had a badly broken wrist, but the off-duty officer did his best to calm her down and reassure her as he unbuckled her seat belt and carried her to safety. Just two or three minutes later, police arrived and her car exploded.

“I would describe his actions as heroic,” South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond J. Hayducka Jr. says. “His actions were quick and his training certainly paid off. Obviously, someone is alive today because of it.”

Source: PIX11

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