GOOD NEWS: Teens Spread Joy Delivering Flowers

For five years now, Lexi Thomas and Abby Levin have been delivering flowers to assisted living centers and hospitals around Baltimore. The teens call it “Flowers for Powers” and they love spending their spare time spreading joy and making the day of someone who needs it.

Weis Markets generously donates the flowers to “Flowers for Powers” so it doesn’t cost Abby and Lexi anything except their time. They were inspired to start doing it because Abby lost both of her grandmothers at a young age, so she thought about doing something nice for people like them.

“It makes me feel very good,” Lexi says. “Some of these people say they haven’t seen a smile on someone’s face or it’s really nice to see young people doing something so good. It just makes me feel really good.”

Source: CBS Baltimore

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