GOOD NEWS: Japan’s Soccer Fans Clean Stadium After World Cup Win

Japan’s soccer fans were an example for the world when they cleaned up trash in the stadium after a World Cup win over Colombia. The helpful fans picked up debris in their section of the stadium in Russia, putting garbage into blue trash bags they brought themselves.

And while this victory marked the first time a team from Asia has beaten a team from South America in the World Cup, it’s not the first time Japan’s fans have cleaned up. After a loss to Ivory Coast at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil they did the same thing.

Soccer fans were quick to shout out praise on social media for the tidying up. Some even called it their favorite moment of the World Cup so far. But the best part of it all may be the fact that the good deed seems to be spreading. After Senegal’s fans finished celebrating a win over Poland, they cleaned up after themselves, too.

Source: Today

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