State Troopers search for boy's stuffed cheetah

Rhode Island Troopers Search For Boys Stuffed Cheetah - A New York family is thanking the Rhode Island State Police for going on a “search and rescue” for their four-year-old's beloved cheetah stuffed animal.

Will Ketcher sent a letter to state troopers asking for help after the stuffed animal fell out of his car window as the family drove through the state. Corporal Lawens Fevrier said he was touched by the letter and state troopers kept an eye out for the cheetah on I-95, but to no avail.

Months after losing Roger the Cheetah, the Ketcher family received a package postmarked from Rhode Island with an official response from troopers. Within the package was a brand new stuffed cheetah, which has since been named "Rhody," which troopers say is the first cheetah trooper in the history of the Rhode Island State Police.Source: USA Today