GOOD NEWS: “Dog Twitter” Helps Reunite Lost Senior Dog With Family

When Buffy and Harry Wallace returned home from dinner to find their beloved 15-year-old corgi, Pepper, was missing, they were understandably upset. It seems the dog got out in the rain and wandered away from his Charleston, West Virginia home. Luckily, Matt Nelson and his mom found Pepper and knew how to help find his family.

It turns out, Matt runs the popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs, which shares and rates cute dog pics and videos and has almost 7-million followers. So of course, he posted Pepper’s photo online and his mom put up some flyers around town, too. And Pepper’s pic went viral, Matt’s tweet was shared 9,000 times and had 59,000 likes.

Fortunately, the Nelson family located Harry, Pepper’s owner and they were reunited. He says old people like him don’t understand what it means that Pepper went viral, but his grandson, Will Jenkins, posted an update to the story. “Pepper is back to doing nothing all day and laying out in the sun,” he tweeted. “My grandpa was happier than he’s ever been before.”