GOOD NEWS: Volunteers Remove 12K Tons Of Trash From Beach In India

Hundreds of volunteers have been coming out and getting to work picking up trash on a beach in India, removing 12,000 tons of plastic. Lawyer Afroz Shah spearheaded the cleanup when he started the Sky Ocean Rescue group last year.

"This beach laps the plastic up," Shah explains."It acts like a net. You must pick it up or the next high tide will take it out and it will never come back. Then it harms marine life."

The Mumbai beach had been waist-high in plastic and something drastic had to happen. Since Sky Ocean Rescue launched, Bollywood stars have gotten involved, donating diggers and tractors to help dig up plastic buried under the sand. Now kids can play in the sand and people can enjoy the surf without the trash.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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