GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritans Rescue Six From Burning Boat

A family helped rescue a group of folks stranded on a burning boat off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, minutes before it burst into flames.Jillian Picarillo was on a nearby boat and watched the whole thing unfold near her but before they could offer help, another boat came in to save the passengers.

The Barriger family from Connecticut helped rescue all six strangers from the burning boat. Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was on the scene soon after, but couldn’t save the boat, which had already sunk 15-feet. But its passengers were just happy to be alive and safe.

“They were happy, grateful, lots of thank yous from them, including the captain and the crew,” explains Sean Matthews, who helped save the six. “We just had to help out and do our jobs. Not a bad day. We also caught fish.”

Source: People

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