GOOD NEWS: Vet Reunited With Service Dog After Leukemia Diagnosis

Joe Fahrenbach served three years in the Marine Corps and was Fuli the dog’s handler. He had planned to adopt Fuli in 2017, but he was diagnosed with Leukemia last July and he knew he’d be too sick to care for him while he was recovering.

But with the help of the nonprofit Be The Match, he found a marrow donor and focused on his health. And Mission K-9, a nonprofit dedicated to the service of retired military and police dogs, agreed to adopt Fuli until Joe was well enough to take his old friend Fuli home.

"Fuli is by far, the greatest dog I've ever worked with. And he looks forward to caring for the friend who'd done so much for him overseas," Fahrenbach said. "It'll give me a reason to get off the couch, to take him for a walk, throw him in the truck, go hang out at the lake."

Source: WRIC

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