Would you give up your PET or your PHONE?

It’s no secret that a lot of people are addicted to their phones, and our attachment to them is so great, folks are willing to give up a lot of things rather than be without them. Well, in case you missed it, the app-based phone service Visible asked 1,180 Millennials a series of "Would you rather?" questions about what they’d be willing to give up for their phones and the answers are somewhat shocking.

As much as folks love their coffee, 77% of Millennials would gladly go without caffeine for a week rather than go without their phone, while 54% would prefer to go without TV and movies for a month than go without their phone for one week.

But there are some things even the most phone addicted person won’t give up, namely their four-legged friends. The survey finds that 72% of people would rather give up their phone for a week then be without their pet for the same time frame, although men (34%) are more likely to give up their pet than women (24%). Hygiene is also something folks won’t necessarily forgo in favor of their phones. Overall, 83% of those surveyed say they’d rather give up their phone for a week than stop brushing their teeth.

  • ONE MORE THING! The survey also asked users what are the most important things for them to waste their phone battery on, and the most popular is chatting with a loved one (77%). Other things they’re willing to waste battery life on include:
  • Traffic apps like Waze or Google Maps (44%)
  • Documenting experienes (42%)
  • Rideshare services (35%)
  • Streaming (21%)
  • Social sharing (11%)

Source: Visible 

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