You can soak in a Spa of Red Wine!

Red wine lovers, we’ve got your next vacation idea right here: The Yunessun Spa

in Hakone, Japan. Why travel halfway around the world to go to a spa? Because this hot spring theme park has have a giant outdoor pool filled with Merlot. And it’s poured from a 12-foot bottle right into the pool.

Not only is it a fun novelty to swim in gallons of red wine, there are also all kinds of anti-aging skin benefits, thanks to resveratrol, an antioxidant that “stimulates cell proteins,” which promote longer cell life. But if a dip in a Merlot-filled pool isn’t your thing, they also have a pool filled with tea, hot tubs filled with sake, ramen noodles, and coffee. So who’s ready to pack your bags?

Source: Delish

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