"Barbie Feet" is the new, hot, pose

Remember when everyone on Instagram was posting pictures with duck lips? While that may not have actually gone away, a new trend is taking over the social media site, and it’s centered on the feet. 

It seems these days more and more celebs and social media influencers are posting pictures with what is being called “Barbie Feet.” It has folks standing on their tip toes or pointing their feet, in order to make their legs appear longer.

And while it may seem easy, Yahoo Style warns that not everyone can master the “Barbie Feet.” “Though some experienced “Barbie Feet’ posers are able to master the trick with both feet in imaginary heels, beginners wanting to try out the position should probably start with having just one foot in the pointed heel position," the site claims, suggesting beginners could actually injure themselves. Check out examples of “Barbie Feet” here and here.

Source: Fox News

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