GOOD NEWS: Woman Saves Baby She Found Sitting In Hot Car In FL

Jessica Kaiser was walking past a car in a parking lot in Orange City, Florida, when she thought she saw a doll in the backseat. After taking a closer look, she realized it was a baby sitting in the 93-degree heat at three in the afternoon, with the windows rolled up, according to the police report. Luckily the door was unlocked, so she opened it and then called 911.

About 24 minutes after Kaiser called 911, the baby boy’s mother, Meagan Burgess, came back to her vehicle, frantically asking “Is he okay?” Kaiser hugs the shaken mom and assures her that her son is fine and Burgess thanks her. It seems the mom had dropped off her other three kids at her father’s house and went to run errands, forgetting the baby in the backseat.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on Facebook describing the event and thanking Kaiser for taking action. "We avoided a disaster," Chitwood says in the video. "Thank the good lord for a good Samaritan by the name of Jessica Kaiser.”

Source: Inside Edition

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