America's Top 10 Sweatiest Cities!

We are certainly in the dog days of summer, which means it seems to get hotter and hotter each day. And despite wearing light clothes like shorts, tank tops, and flip flops a lot of sweating is going on. So, which states are sweating the most?

Well, Honeywell Fans looked at a range of environmental factors, including humidity levels, length of summer and access to shade, to determine "America's Sweatiest Cities,” and while Disney World may be the happiest place on earth, you’re probably going to sweat there since Orlando, Florida tops the list. Orlando earns the honor because it has the highest average summer temperatures, percentage of relative humidity, and number of days above 90 degrees.

America’s Top Ten Sweatiest Cities

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Phoenix, Arizona
  4. Dallas, Texas
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  7. Kansas City, Missouri
  8. Austin, Texas
  9. Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Memphis, Tennessee

Source: Business Journals the "Sweatiest Man Alive" wring out his sweaty t-shirt.  Ugh...

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