It's National Avocado Day! Get stuff for FREE!

Today (in fact, every July 31st) is National Avocado Day and to celebrate some restaurants are treating us to free avocado or guacamole. Here’s where you can dine to claim yours.

  • Chipotle - Order online or use the Chipotle app to get a free side of guacamole. You’ll need to use the code AVOCADO for the freebie.
  • Freebirds World Burrito - Celebrate National Avocado Day with Freebirds, where they’re known for larger-than-life burritos. Order a Monster-size or larger burrito at one of their 73 locations across the country and they’ll give you a free side of guac.
  • Honeygrow - This new fast casual spot specializes in healthy stir-fries and salads at their 26 locations and today they’re offering avocado as a free add-on topping. Just download the Honeygrow app and use this link to claim yours.

Source: Parade

OR, you can go make your own!!!  

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