A Fly sets off a chain of 600,000 Dominoes!

  • Patrick Sinner and his group of domino-lovers tried to break a Guinness world record
  • A fly ruined it all by setting off the chain of over 600,000 dominoes
  • They still broke records for largest spiral and largest domino cube

All a group of German domino enthusiasts wanted was to break a Guinness world record, when a meddling fly had to come and ruin the whole thing.

Patrick Sinner and his team of 20 set up a massive chain of over 600,000 dominoes...and it took them two whole weeks to do it. All it took was one unassuming fly to land on the mini-dominoes, which are described as being the size of a fingernail, setting off the cascade ahead of schedule.

Luckily their hard work didn’t completely go to waste — they still broke Guinness records for largest spiral and largest domino cube. Yay!

Source: UPI

Below is an attempt at 500,000 Dominoes that did NOT get sabotaged by a fly...

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