Community Shows Compassion...

Community Shows Compassion For Couple Who Started Carr Fire:The devastating Carr wildfire, now the eighth-largest wildfire in state history, started on July 23rd when a trailer’s flat tire caused its rim to scrape the asphalt and shoot sparks, but the Northern California community isn’t blaming anyone. In fact, they are showing an incredible amount of compassion for the couple’s whose trailer started it all.

Redding resident Rachel Pilli was the first to reach out to the owners with a letter of compassion and then asked folks on social media whether they’d do the same. Well, that resulted in about 100 letters, with more still coming.

Pilli posted her plea on a “Carr Fire Stories” Facebook page, with the Administrator noting that 300 people responded with comments, with some insisting the couple not blame themselves. Even some firefighters battling the blaze have added comments and notes. Administrator Seth notes, “we’ve had couples who’ve lost everything and they are even saying it’s not your fault.”

Firefighters are still battling the blaze, which is said to be 65% contained. It has already scorched 211,019 acres of land. Source: CNN 

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