GOOD NEWS: Deputy Pulls Distressed Man From Ledge

Sheriff’s Deputy James Robinson was responding to a call of a suicidal man in Yorktown, Virginia and found the slumped man sitting with his legs dangling from a highway overpass. Traffic was moving down below as Robinson tried to talk to the man and assess the situation, video captured by his bodycam shows him asking what’s going on and if they can talk for a moment.

Robinson tried to get the man to engage, but when he put his cellphone down, the Deputy made his move. He says he ran up behind the man, grabbed him around the chest and pulled him to the ground safely, and the man was sobbing.

The man told Robinson he has nothing left and he responded with kind words of encouragement. The two kept talking until paramedics arrived to get him help, thanks to Robinson’s brave actions. “Knowing that person has another day to live, and hopefully, live out the rest of their life … that’s all the happiness I need right there,” he says.

Source: Inside Edition

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