Grocery Clerk rewarded for Act of Kindness

We recently told you about Jordan Taylor, a grocery store clerk who’s act of kindness toward an autistic 17-year-old went viral. He was working at Rouses Market in Baton Rouge, Louisiana shelving orange juice when he noticed Jack Ryan “Ziggy” Edwards was mesmerized watching him, so he asked the teen if he wanted to help.

The pair of them worked together for a while and Edwards’ father was able to film the touching moment. In the video you can hear him say, “I’m watching a miracle right now,” because his son has autism and doesn’t typically connect like that. And it wasn’t just Edwards’ family who was impressed by Taylor - when he mentioned he’d like to go back to school to be a teacher, a crowdfunding campaign was set up and raised over $100,000 for his college tuition.

Now Neighbors Federal Credit Union has announced it gave Taylor a new car. CEO Steve Webb says they’re proud of Taylor for pursuing his dream of being a math teacher by enrolling at Grambling State University. And now he’ll have a set of wheels to get to class.

Source: New York Post

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