OUCH...She broke BOTH feet!

  • Newlyweds Lyndsey and Sean were dancing the night away during their wedding reception when things took a bad turn
  • The bride broke both her feet while dancing a little too hard
  • She didn't even notice they were broken at first, continuing to dance all night

Things were all roses for newlyweds Lyndsey and Sean Henderson. The two had just gotten married and were partying it up during their reception in Birmingham, England when things took a bad turn...on the dancefloor.

Lindsey was dancing the night away to the 90s hit song, “C’est La Vie,” by B*Witched and jumped a little too high for her heels. The result? A fracture on her left foot and broken bones in her right.

That didn’t stop the couple from celebrating all night... it actually took them a minute to even realize her feet were broken. But two days later, Lindsay found herself in two casts. She swears it wasn’t the bubbly, though...it was the jam. “I chose not to drink as I wanted to remember the night with all my loved ones,” she says. “I just went absolutely crazy, it’s one of my favorite songs.”

Source: Mirror

At least the bride didn't do THIS move...

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