Singer's wife is other man's "girlfriend"

  • A mariachi band was hired to serenade a man's girlfriend as a surprise
  • Once they started playing and she emerged, the singer realized the "girlfriend" was his own wife
  • The boyfriend claims he had no idea she was already married, since he was planning on popping the question after the serenade

The singer of a mariachi band got a big shock during a gig recently. After being hired by a man in Coyacan, Mexico City to surprise serenade his girlfriend, the singer ended up being the surprised one after realizing the “girlfriend” was actually his own wife.

Apparently, the band started playing under the balcony of the specified address, as per the man’s request. Everything was going fine until the woman emerged from inside, immediately recognizable to the band’s singer as his own wife. That’s when the music stopped, and the fight began.

Eventually, the other band members were able to stop the fracas between the singer and his wife’s lover, who said he didn’t even know she was already married. In fact, after the serenade, he was supposedly planning on proposing to her himself. No word on how far that plan went.

Source: Daily Mail

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