GOOD NEWS: Retiree Has Raised Over $30K Just Napping With Cats

When Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary posted a couple of photos of one of their volunteers last week, they had no idea the response they’d get. Terry Lauerman is a 75-year-old retiree who comes to spend time with the cats, caring for them and napping with them, and a few snaps of him snoozing with the felines has helped raise a lot of money for them.

The shelter first posted a picture of Lauerman dozing off with Louis the cat, and it took less than a day after that for the cat to be adopted. Since then, the staff snaps more photos every time they catch the volunteer cat napping. And after Lauerman expressed a desire for people to donate to the cage-free sanctuary, donations have been pouring in.

Safe Haven’s founder, Elizabeth Feldhausen, says the story of the cat napping grandpa has raised enough funds in donations to cover the shelter for a year. She’s vague about the amount, but says she’ll reveal it in the future.

“I never thought my post would get this reaction,” she says. “All the people who work here are making jokes about it. Like, ‘Well, if we knew all we had to do was fall asleep, the last two years would’ve been a breeze.’”

Source: Huffington Post

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