GOOD NEWS: Veteran Finds And Returns Lost Burial Flag

After a Denver storage facility was ordered closed by the state of Colorado, a moving company was hired to clear out all the stuff stored there. Peter Mikulin works for that moving company and found a U.S. Navy burial flag among people’s possessions, with the name Chief Petty Officer Larry Rodgers inscribed on the back.

Mikulin is a Navy veteran himself, so he made it his mission to find the family of this fellow vet and return the flag. He says he didn’t have a lot of hope that he’d be able to do it, but he was determined to try to get the “priceless” memento to its owner. “It's a disgrace. It's an insult," Mikulin says of the flag’s disappearance. "This belonged to a hero. A Chief Petty Officer.”

With some help from local news station Fox 31, he was able to find Christine Rogers, Larry’s widow, and return her husband’s flag to her. She had recently moved to Oregon and many of her belongings, including the flag, were lost in transit, so she was thrilled that it was coming back. Rogers says, “It means everything because it’s absolutely the only thing I have of memorabilia of our life together and his military time.”

Source: KDVR

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