Zombie Skittles are Coming!!!

While the rest of us are still excited about Halloween this year, the folks at Skittles are already moving ahead to Halloween 2019. That’s when the candy brand says it’s coming out with a new product: Zombie Skittles. So what makes a pack of the chewy, fruity candies zombies? The flavors will all have scary new names, including Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melson, and Chilling Black Cherry. But the package warns there’s another surprise inside: “Most taste delicious, but some taste like Rotten Zombie. Dare to try?”

But what does a zombie even taste like? And aren’t all zombies rotten? Apparently, Skittles thinks the answers are worth waiting 12 months to find out because Zombie Skittles aren’t set to be released until next Halloween, unless this is all one big trick and no treats. Only time…and tastebuds…will tell.

Source: Food and Wine